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We need a Dentist

We are seeking a licensed Dentist for our offices located in Carlisle, York and/or Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This is a part/full time position with a flexible schedule to accommodate your schedule. Perfect for a person who is retired, or needs more work.

- Diagnose and provide appropriate dental treatment to patients, including regular cleanings, root canals, simple and surgical extractions, periodontitis treatments, implants, crowns, bridges, denture impressions (general prosthodontics knowledge) and cosmetic dentistry.
- Educate patients and parents of patients on maintaining proper oral health.
- Communicate with dental staff on our team regarding patient treatment plans.
- Prescribe medications as necessary.
- Carefully document all medications, diagnosis, treatments and consultations.

- Pennsylvania license required.
- 2 Years experience, prefer 5 years experience.

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