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Denture problems

Denture problems and partial denture problems can easily be identified and remedied by a denture doctor who is experienced in building dentures. Our denture lab technician has over 25 years experience in building specially designed dentures. We not only offer direct hands-on help with denture problems, but we also offer a denture proficiency evaluation to determine exactly what changes are needed to accomplish optimum results. Some of the most typical denture problems are listed below; however denture problems are not limited to just those.

If you have a denture problem, you are not alone; 90% of new dentures are made incorrectly. If you are one that has not purchased dentures yet, having them built directly by a denture technologist will assure that you get them right the first time. Many denture wearers spend up to three our four months doing what they thought would only take four weeks. A denture practice that has a denture lab technician and an in-house dental laboratory can build a quality set of dentures in as little as two weeks.

If you are a denture wearer who is experiencing jaw pain, the pain is most likely caused by the denture or dentures. Our denture doctor more than likely can give you immediate relief. It does not matter if you purchased the dentures form us or not. We are interested in making you feel better and helping you to eat more adequately. In any event no matter what kind of pain you are experiencing, we are prepared to help you to find the source and to treat the problem.

Dentures Causing Pain

So many times the worse pain can be caused by dentures that need only slight adjusting. Our denture denture lab technician can give you fast relief; in many cases in just five or ten minutes of adjustment can work wonders. The trick is having your adjustments evaluated and preformed by an experienced dentist.

Denture Sores

Most denture sores are defined as denture stomatitis. Stomatitis can appear as small or big sores; slightly painful or extremely painful. They can be located just about anywhere in the mouth. If untreated, denture stomatitis can escalate to more serious conditions; some that are irreversible. When you come to us to have denture sores treated, we get to the root of the problem. You will once and for all find relief.

Incorrect Bite

In order for dentures to fit securely and function in a stabilized manner, each tooth in the denture needs to contact evenly when biting or chewing. If this is not happening, your dentures will not seat properly in position to the jaw bone and gums. At Advanced Arts Denture Center Plus, we equipped to perform an optimum denture function evaluation to determine whether or not your dentures are giving you the best results. Often times, dentures with an improper bite can be adjusted or modified to function and fit better.

Loose Fitting Dentures

Some dentures were loose from the time they were inserted into the patient’s mouth; most often because of a faulty impression. However, dentures usually become loose due to the following reasons:

  1. Jaw shrinkage over a few years.

  2. Rapid jaw shrinkage due to recent extractions.

  3. Over adjusting the denture; too much grinding.

Loose dentures can be remedied simply by either having them adjusted, relined or rebuilt; depending on the situation. Our evaluation will get to the root of the problem so that proper treatment can be determined.

Loose Fitting Lower Dentures

Lower dentures almost always fit looser than upper dentures simply because they do not have a pallet for creating adequate suction. However, there is a successful implant-free technique that offers patients the ability to hold them down without using messy adhesives. Comfa-GripTM dentures are implant-free dentures that stay securely in the mouth. Comfa-GripTM is a special technique that calls for specially engineered teeth along with custom sculpturing so as to utilize the patient’s natural life forces to complement denture stabilization rather than destabilization as with conventional dentures.

Flat Jaw Bone

Flat – meaning not much jaw bone, low jaw bone or low ridges, is often the cause for dentures being less stabilized than normal. Most dentists recommend implants to compensate for lack of stability. We tend to take the conservative approach. Our in-house lab technician is very successful in building implant free dentures that fit and function well; even if you have very little jaw bone. Call us for a free consultation.

Dentures Too Big

My dentures are too big or too large usually means the dentures need to be tighter fitting. This problem leaves the denture wearer feeling helpless. However, with our denture credentials, that denture can in most cases be transformed into a well formed and comfortable fitting denture or dentures. A free consultation will help you to calculate the expense.

Teeth Too Big

My teeth are too big or too large either means that the teeth are pushing out facially or that the teeth themselves are actually too large in size. In either case, Advanced Arts Dentures Center Plus denture service is your best answer. Come see us for a free consultation.

Too Much Gum

If your dentures are showing too much gum, this means that your teeth should have been longer on the gum side or that they were set down too far. That is something that a denture lab technician can also correct. However, sometimes it is better to start over. We can help you to determine that.

Wrong Size Teeth

Natural teeth are 1/14, in scale, the length and with of you face. To appear natural denture teeth need to follow the same rule. In most cases denture teeth are selected too small, but sometimes the opposite occurs. In any event to look natural they would either have to be changed or possibly you may need a new denture.

Wrong Color Teeth

The importance of tooth selection should be underestimated. Some people tent to prefer more natural shades and others prefer bleached or extra white tooth shades. Whatever the case, It is important that all of the tooth shades or colors are presented to the denture candidate an option; including the new extra white shades. At Advanced Arts Denture Center Plus, we stock over one hundred selections of different shades (colors), molds and sizes of teeth right here in our own in-house dental laboratory. We make sure to present all if the options to our patients; making sure that they are involved in this very important step in giving you dentures that enhance your charm and personality.

Ugly Teeth

If you enter the search words “ugly teeth” as a search on the internet, you will be astonished. Many denture wearers attest that they have ugly teeth. Denture wearers know what they want. As professionals in fitting dentures, it is our job to listen carefully to them so that we can make them feel satisfied with their new teeth, their smile; it involves their future. We at Advanced Arts Denture Center Plus always  give our denture customers the best. 

Following are a few more words that denture wearers use for search words when they are looking for denture or mouth pain relief. However, no mater what your problem is, our dentist and denture lab technician team will be sure to find a remedy to your dilemma. Please call us for a free consultation; don’t put it off.

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