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Natural Looking Dentures - Dentures that Look Natural

Natural Looking Dentures

What are totally natural looking dentures? How can you be sure that you are really getting dentures that look natural? Dentures that look like natural teeth have evolved through a series of advancements in natural denture techniques. World famous expert denture technologists have long realized the public's desire to acquire dentures that look like their own teeth. Many of these denture experts have contributed immensely to designing and producing teeth that are able to recapture and maintain the beauty, the actual life’s force that you once had and to mold it into the appearance of your smile. Due to the effort of those denture technologists and hundreds of millions dollars of tooth manufacture research and development of completely natural denture teeth, the ultimate natural denture solution has been born. Now, as people grow older, they are able to maintain the youthful life’s vigor that they once had through their smile and facial expressions.

Dentures That Look Natural

Modern day advancements in life-like denture teeth were created through using the natural design of real teeth. Extensive studies of all types of teeth of both genders were made according to size, shape, different lightness, chroma and hue. Decades of research was involved in researching accurate information for the production of premium natural looking denture teeth. Color of teeth was measured using a spectrophotometer or chroma meter. Many differences were calculated between teeth of woman and those of men. Also, the color of teeth between age groups showed significant differences. Even the differences of teeth on the left side and right sides of the mouth showed differences; this is called asymmetry. Through using chroma data from real teeth, multi layered dimensional techniques were developed enabling the hue to reflect through the outer layers of translucent enamel; thus giving each tooth a distinct life-like appearance. This advanced process allows light saturation to illuminate through several layers producing blended translucent enamel that you would normally find only in natural teeth. Premium multi-layered teeth are one of the identifying marks of dentures that look natural.

Today in the 21st century technology, only the best of prosthetic aesthetic experts have acquired the ability to truly create a completely life-like replacement for the natural smile that you once had; or to improve upon what you did not previously like about your teeth. But take caution; many dentists, technologists claim to have a trained eye in denture aesthetics. The question is, HOW trained is that eye? That is where our highly trained denture lab technician comes in. Our denture lab technician is a denture specialist who builds completely natural life-like dentures; so natural that if you stuck the artificially color blended gums with a pin they would actually bleed. Well not really, but that is how they will look in your mouth when you smile. They will look like your own teeth; not even the trained eye of an expert will be able to tell the difference.

Our direct denture services assure that your teeth will be built accurately in our own in-house denture laboratory. Can you imagine da Vinci or Monet creating a portrait of a client from a brief script without actually seeing them? That’s how it is when your denture provider sends your impressions out to a commercial dental laboratory to have dentures made. Our goal is to make dentures that look completely natural and to make sure any appearance inconstancies are caught before your dentures are completed. With over one-hundred tooth shades (colors), sizes, and molds (shapes) to choose from – including new extra white tooth shades, our trained denture lab technician will be sure to build completely natural looking dentures for you.

Our staff will remind you when it is time for your visit upon which your dentures will be at the wax try-in stage. This is where the natural denture teeth have been set into gum color wax for the trail stage. This visit is an important one, because it is after this one that your dentures will be processed into the permanent stage (finished). Before your dentures are finished or at the try-in stage, we recommend that you bring along a friend who has ability to help you evaluate your smile (this is optional, some denture patients like deciding on their own). Even if it takes an extra appointment, we want you to take your time. Our denture expert will provide you with a mirror. We will help you go through the necessary expressions: smiling, frowning, laughing, talking, pronouncing words, etc. We will also compare them with your current dentures or with a picture. We will allow sufficient time to make sure your teeth look natural and attractive. The result, when you smile you will be confident that your teeth look completely natural. We will do whatever it takes to give you that ultimate smile.

Our denture lab technician has been involved in building natural looking dentures for many years. She keeps up with all of the latest continuing education pertaining to dentures that look natural. She has studied and practiced tooth arrangement techniques that involve bilateral functional balance, aesthetics, phonetics, and function, asymmetry, natural beauty characterization, natural cosmetic tooth arrangement, color correlation, color harmonization and coordination using skin tone, lip tone, hair color and eye color, makeover beauty enhancement and artistic balance. She is a master at creating individualized tooth arrangements, one on one, while her clients are still present; thus enhancing them with unprecedented natural beauty. There are literally hundreds of things to know about making a truly natural set of dentures that fit comfortably, and allowing you to have the confidence that you deserve whether eating, smiling or having interchange with people that you are close to. Along with reliable information, so much information on the internet is absolutely bogus. Skip through all of the red tape and have your dentures directly built by our denture specialist. Now you can put yourself at ease, because you have discovered the ultimate professional denture care delivery system.

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